A Summer of Semen, Sires & Social Media – Name for Fame









The average reader may think this is a tricky word scramble challenge, but a dairy producer seeking super semen knows that these are just several of the unique names that belong to our famous sires.

Choosing a name for a bull that may very well become a legacy is done with specific registration systems based on each farm’s particular cow family. While visiting with All West/Select Sires Communications Manager, Karen Knutsen, she explained, “Many official, registered names include the farm name, short name of the sire, and a name beginning with the same letter that the dam’s name began with.” However, other farms have themes for naming their bulls, whether they use the names of geographical locations, food products or even alcoholic beverages! Others do not include the sires name at all and come up with entirely new creations. The bulls are then registered with these chosen names and thus ready to be placed at the top of their class where a name truly gains its fame. 

As a livestock exhibitor, my favorite name was always 7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM, who was a leading sire of his time. More importantly, he was the sire of my very first show heifer, Regina, who I continued to show for a total of nine years! I loved everything about this daughter from her sleek black coat to her white forehead patch and legs adopted from DURHAM to her ability to last and improve with age, earning Supreme Champion titles as the oldest in aged cow classes. 

FairTime copy

Day-Gee Durham Regina and I took the show ring by storm from the start of my 4-H days to the end of our show career, 9 years later.


7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM

These names certainly give the industry something to talk about, especially as this week’s proof release highlights familiar names as eight of the top 10 proven bulls in the nation belong to Select Sires! The distinctive names of the top 3 sires include SUPERSIRE, MOGUL and DONATELLOWith a name like SUPERSIRE, it’s hard to be anything but that! As you can imagine, each name lives out its own legacy while passing on type, traits and traditions.

To view all of the brilliant bovine products we offer, please visit All West/Select Sires or Select Sires today and stay tuned in to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more noteworthy name dropping! 




4 thoughts on “A Summer of Semen, Sires & Social Media – Name for Fame

    • Well thank you, Barb! I am really enjoying learning something new every day about the legacies of these bulls while working with All West/Select Sires! It makes me appreciate my dad’s value of great dairy genetics even more.

  1. This Ag teacher loves that you can eloquently use the word “semen” in your blog title. Regina was a rockstar, but I also remember the times each year when Regina would get tired and give you a run for your money too. You’re one of the people that motivates me to keep returning to the classroom. Can’t wait to visit and catch up soon!

    • It is a true challenge to use the unflattering words of this industry and still make it sound glamorous! Haha. Oh yes, she surely knew how to test a young showman, but on the blessed days when we were working together, magic happened! As my ag teacher, FFA advisor and friend, I thank YOU for encouraging young students to have a passion for agriculture. For me, passion started on the farm but for many, it starts in your classroom! Looking forward to seeing you soon. XOXO

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