About Ms. Gomes

  ” Why Cows, Crowns, & College,” you ask? 

These three things are what my life currently revolves around, with the help of my dedicated support group being my family & God. Cows, crowns and college have not only changed my life experiences, but they have all inspired me to strive for a similar goal; Whether I am wearing my Dairy Princess crown and sash, milking cows in the Cal Poly milk parlor or shopping in the dairy aisle at our local grocery store, I make it my personal goal to educate those who I meet who were not as fortunate as I to have been raised on a dairy farm and believe that this education is one of the most important aspects to maintain our thriving dairy industry in the future. Let me share a bit more information to help you understand who I am.

I was raised in a town that nobody has heard of and a place where even fewer have ever been. Located in the Northern Sacramento Valley, Willows, CA has always been my little piece of heaven. Growing up on my family’s dairy farming operation, surrounded by crops as far as the eye could see, I developed my passion for agriculture at a young age. I was actively involved in both 4-H and FFA organizations and enjoyed showing nearly every small and large animal species that exists at county fairs.

In 2013, I was crowned California’s District 4 California Dairy Princess. I spent much of the following year traveling the state of California, meeting with many amazing industry members, attending meetings and conferences and visiting schools to promote Real California Milk products and educate the general public about our thriving industry. These passions led me to one of the top agricultural universities in California, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I am currently earning my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communication and minoring in Agriculture Business along the way.

When I am not busy preparing to become a successful agricultural communicator, I can be found milking cows or feeding calves at the Cal Poly Dairy and spending my time outside on the ranch writing, reading, or taking photographs. When the opportunity arises for me to escape for a few days, I enjoy taking road trips back North to Gomes Holstein Dairy to spend time with my big, loud Portuguese family. I am unsure what my future holds at this point, but I am very excited to see what God’s has planned for me. Feel free to join me as I share my past and present agricultural experiences through my Cows, Crowns, & College blog.




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